Privacy policy

At AppJourney we respect your privacy and the trust you have placed in us by using NextThere.

NextThere does not collect any identifiable information about you or your travel patterns. However, it does send information over the Internet to NextThere's servers for the purpose of retrieving real-time information, potentially including the point you wish to travel from, and we are mindful that such information can be both sensitive and private.

We want to be totally transparent about how we treat your information.

With that in mind, here is our simple, clear privacy policy:

What we won't do

What we will do

Advertising networks

Please note that if you are using NextThere for free, advertising will appear in the app supplied by Apple's iAd network.

When these ads appear, Apple may be collecting anonymous information about your use of the app or current location which is outside the control of NextThere. If this does occur it will be in accordance with Apple's privacy policy.

You may limit Apple's ability to collect this information using the Limit Ad Tracking feature on your iOS device, or opt out of the use of advertising in the app at any time by purchasing a subscription.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact support.